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    How is ChicMic Carving a Niche in App Development?

    Do you really feel that a magical stick has the power to transform the perception of your potential customers in the ever-growing technological age? Obviously not.  None other than the years of productivity & struggle can turn out to be a ladder to your success. When talking about technology, then building app is the surefire way to reach out your customers across the globe. There’s no denying the fact that... View Article

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    Best 5 Games in android you must try before everyone else

    From a basic arcade game to a full fledge MMO, the mobile market is crowded with android games from various different genres.  A lot of mobile app game developer were risen in the last five years and they have been flooding the mobile game market since then with many innovative and interesting games which has been catching the attentions of users across the world.    Still not everyone will be willing to... View Article

  • Exploring Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

    Exploring Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

    With a myriad of mobile devices with different operating systems, it is not possible for any business to focus just on one OS (operating system). Businesses need to consider at-least the mobile OSs which have majority devices in the market. This comes down to 2 mobile OSs – iOS and Android which together have more than 99% of smartphone OS market. With this as the need of an hour, the... View Article

  • Hybrid Mobile App Development

    Native or a Hybrid Mobile App for your Business?

    Native or a Hybrid Mobile App Development for your Business? The user experience that a mobile app offers as well as the performance of an app is entirely dependent on the development approach was chosen. A poor user experience or a non-performance app leads to app uninstall which can affect your business more than you can think of. The cost and time to develop an app are other factors that... View Article

  • Prince Of Persia

    Importance of User Experience in games

    In the video game industry, there have always been debates on one primary topic, “What is the most important element in a game?” Most of the people say it’s the gameplay, some say it’s the graphics, sound effects or the story. But what everyone misses to realize is that the players always play games for an experience. So, the primary goal of any game should be to deliver a good... View Article

  • Bluff Master Game

    Evolution of Card Games

    Playing Cards was one of the main indoor games played before technology took over. Cards even gave birth to a new game genre called “CCG” (Collectible Card Game). Immediately the stores were filled with various types of card games like UNO Cards, Wrestling cards, Pokémon Cards, Phase 10 cards, Go Fish Cards, and so on. The specialty of card games is that it can be played anywhere at any time... View Article

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