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We Grow as You Grow. The secret of our success lies in the quality of our services. We deliver end-to-end app & game development solutions for mobile, web & desktop. Whether you are a start-up or an established business, we assimilate clients needs & fast-track their way to success.

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Team Size

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Over the past 10 years ChicMic has successfully delivered 2000+ apps & games and served 500+ clients across the globe. We have expertise in developing all types of mobile & web apps in all genres such as Business, Social Networking, Logistics, Finance, Education, Lifestyle, Healthcare, E-commerce, Travel, Utility, Sports, Health & Fitness, etc.

We have developed games for all genres including Arcade, Puzzle, Strategy, Action, Racing, Board, Card, Casino, Sports, Trivia, Casual, Hyper Casual, etc.

Our clients range from startups/entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 and big names whose products we use in our daily lives.

Whatever your business domain or a game idea, with the help of our experienced team of 100+ developers, designers, testers, project managers, etc. we can deliver robust solutions and fun to play games.

Awards & Recognition


How it Works

We put the work into your idea, and here’s how we do it!


We are a team of passionate developers who will sit with you to hear your idea and offer applicable solutions for it.


Based on your ideas, our team proceeds with conceptualization. It allows everyone to understand how the project should look like. The process also gives you a clear picture of the end product.

Plan & Strategize

Our experienced project managers work closely with you to create a detailed plan and strategy that aligns with your goals. To ensure efficient execution, we break down the project into smaller, more manageable components.

Development Cycle

Our project managers closely collaborate between different teams to ensure the timely delivery of projects that exceed expectations.


At Chicmic, we provide comprehensive support for app deployment on all major platforms along with marketing, and growth services.


We believe in continuous improvement and iterate on the application based on user feedback and data analysis. Our expert team collects valuable data from users, conducts thorough analysis, and uses insights to identify areas for enhancement and optimization.

Why Choose ChicMic?

Our glorious history is the result of our Excellence, Quality, Sustainability & Team Work. Choose us, we promise big results!



We ensure the delivery of high-quality games with great player experience in an optimal manner.


Effective Communication

We hold the belief that effective communication plays a critical role in enhancing relationships and building outstanding products.

highly experienced team

Highly Experienced team

Our team of highly experienced developers is well-versed in the latest and most popular technologies and will be responsible for creating your mobile application.


User Centric

We recognize the purpose of mobile applications for your business and design robust, well-thought-out, and user-friendly apps.


We have No Philosophical Statement to Offer, We Let Our Work Speak For Us ...


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