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    Native or a Hybrid Mobile App for your Business?

    Native or a Hybrid Mobile App Development for your Business?

    The user experience that a mobile app offers as well as the performance of an app is entirely dependent on the development approach was chosen. A poor user experience or a non-performance app leads to app uninstall which can affect your business more than you can think of. The cost and time to develop an app are other factors that are dependent on the development approach.

    So, which one is better than Native app Vs Hybrid app? I will be focusing primarily on an iPhone app or an iOS app in this article to keep things simple. A native iPhone app or a native iOS app is an application specifically developed for an iOS device and the programming language is either Objective-C or Swift. The iPhone apps are normally developed following iOS Human Interface Guidelines defined by Apple and make use of swipes, gestures, etc. to offer the best user experience possible on iPhone.

    A hybrid app, on the other hand, is a cross-platform app which beliefs in the principal of write-once-run-anywhere. Hybrid apps once built can be released on various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. Common hybrid app development frameworks include React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, and Xamarin. Most of these frameworks are based on HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Factors to be considered while choosing between Native and Hybrid App:-



    Native iPhone applications are developed directly using iOS SDK provided by Apple, hence they are more performant by the very design as compared to their Hybrid counterparts. Native apps load instantly, are faster and more reliable than the hybrid apps.


    Native iPhone applications offer the best user experience as outlined by Apple in iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Native apps integrate very closely with the features provided by Apple and the user experience is completely seamless. The user experience while using capabilities unique device features like camera, GPS, address book, etc. from within a native app is just like using these iOS device capabilities directly.

    Hybrid apps, on the other hand, cannot offer unique platform specific experience for all the platforms and the app’s experience can be entirely different from the iOS device experience. This makes the hybrid apps less preferred as compared to Native apps.



    In case a business wants to launch a mobile app quickly in the market on multiple platforms, hybrid app approach works the best. This is mostly used when a business wants to test the market quickly before investing big in a articular segment. If an app is then successful, native apps are later developed to offer the best user experience. So, hybrid apps are many-a-times chosen to develop a POC (Proof of Concept) or an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) before developing a full-fledged native app.


    4) BUDGET

    Since hybrid apps need not be developed for each platform separately, they require fewer resources and are less costly as compared to native apps. In case of budget is the main concern and the app performance/user experience can be compromised, hybrid apps are more affordable.

    To summarize, it entirely depends on the business requirements and the business focus while choosing between native and hybrid apps. Call us on (+61) 390-135-390 to discuss your unique business requirements while choosing between native and hybrid apps for your business.



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