Urban Rider Society

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Urban Rider Society
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Urban Rider Society

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Urban Rider

Urban Rider Society app is developed for the safety of riders where it helps to detect a crash and knows whether you are moving or require assistance; connecting you to the nearest ambulance service in your time of need. Users can also add their personal details with emergency contact numbers. It also shows us the location where the crash is detected.

The Brief

If you’re looking for one app tailored specifically toward motorcycle riders that can do it all this is the one. After years of other apps being developed for various other aspects of riding, like route sharing and planning, ride replay, group ride tracking, and so on. But the coolest feature of Urban Rider is probably crash detection, a feature that uses your accelerometer to detect a motorcycle crash, and automatically sends an emergency alert to your pre-selected contacts along with your exact location if you don’t deactivate it within a small time window after the crash.


  • Allows riders to add his/her personal information.
  • Save your trusted contacts, personal doctor information.
  • Save your medical details to be used in future.
  • Crash detection mechanism and automatic alarm system.

Interface Design