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Built For iOS/Android/Windows | Developed in Unity 3D | Programming Language C#



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Tagsom Edutainment is a specially designed kids’ learning app with fun features in order to build reading and writing skills of the kids with the help of educational games and science for kid’s stories. These kids’ storybooks educate your child to discover the world around them and also help to get answers to their everyday thoughts. Some of the interesting stories present are related to Blood, Germs, Sleep, Space, Living things, Evolution, Seasons, Stars, Smell, Hospital, Body and Moon. These stories can be retrieved through three different levels that help you in understanding the ability and growth of your child.

Different Stories

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Key Features

  • Colorful educational app to help kids in learning alphabets and numbers
  • Learning Games For Kids to enhance their reading, writing and learning skills
  • Great mode of education for preschoolers and toddlers
  • Localisation (Chinese, Russian, Hindi, English)
  • Flurry integration for event tracking
  • Unity Analytics
  • In App Purchase integration

Technology Stack

  • Developed for iOS/Android/Windows
  • Developed in Unity 3D.
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Backend : PHP
  • Testing & Debugging: Manual Testing.
  • OS: Android, iOS, Windows