Space Twins

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Space Twins
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Space Twins

5 Star


Space Twins is an endless arcade game inspired from a very famous game ‘Duet’ having different modes of difficulty to challenge user’s capability to tackle incoming obstacles. Player needs to tap to rotate its character to avoid the obstacles at the same the player needs to take care of fuel of ship as it runs out with time. The game has various characters to unlock and power-ups that help the player achieve his goal in the game.

List of Avatars Include

How to play Space Twins?

  • Press Left & hold to rotate spaceship
  • Then Press Right & Hold to rotate Rotate
  • your spaceship to collect stars & avoid collisions
  • Press on the same side as the obstacle
  • Press & hold continuously to avoid hitting the incoming obstacles

Exclusive Features

  • Infinite Arcade
  • Attractive and eye-pleasing graphics
  • Unlockable Characters
  • Power-Ups
  • Leaderboard
  • Chartboost and Admob integrations

Technology Stack

  • Developed for iOS, Android
  • Developed in Unity 3D.
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Testing & Debugging: Design: Manual Testing.
  • OS: Android, iOS