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Built for iOS & Android | Technology JavaScript & CSS | Industry Photo & Video | Client Australia

  • PhotoStats

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  • Description

    Clicking photos is not enough. To know everything about your Photo data, PhotoStats, a photo tracker app is a right tool available on App & Google Store. An Australian client shared his idea of developing a smart & robust application with a capability to track the photos without cloud.

    Each photo of you holds a story & to help you easily access the photo data, the concept of PhotoStats app is introduced. For the better visualisation, the app depicts the breakdown of the photos.


    We find the idea unique which involves the development of photo app far from clicking & posting but to keep & store your photo data. Giving a meaning & accessibility to your photos was the prime concern, that results in Quantified Self Tracking App. PhotoStats app works based on two goals:

    • Tracking & Storing the meta-data on photos
    • Understanding & visualisation of photos data
  • Key Features
    Exclusive Features of PhotoStats
    • Compatible with iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
    • Ease to get & visualize your data
    • Auto-Tagging & Auto-Labeling Feature
    • Seamlessly Export Full Data in CSV & JSON
    • Enable & Disable Day Settings
    • Instant tracking of history & photos’ meta-data
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Data Visualization via Charts & Analysis
    • Track Record of Photos Per Day,On-Device, Total, Deleted & Screenshots
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Used In PhotoStats
    • Developed for iOS & Android
    • Programming Language: JavaScript, CSS
    • Framework: React Native
    • Backend: Redux-Persist for Local Storage
    • React-Native CameraRoll API
    • react-native-exif Library for Extensive Information
    • Integrated Crashlytics framework using react-native-fabric
    • native-base used for React Native UI Component
    • D3 & react-native-path-js-charts for Analysis
    • react-native-calendar for filtering data & date selection
    • Google Vision APIs for Photography
    • JavaScript Library Redux, used for managing application state
  • Screenshot
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