Get an amazing app to offer the most efficient on-demand transportation options.

  • Mevron

  • Description

    ChicMic offers robust and scalable, interactive web design and application development. Our knowledge of Angular as mainstream front-end technology helps deliver compelling apps for business enterprises. We have developed proficiency in AngularJS development services. It is with creating interactive, scalable, data-driven cross-platform web applications. Whether you need a custom widget or feature-packed functional mobile application, our AngularJS mobile app development supports your varied business requirements. We brainstorm the customer requirements beforehand to deliver their needs and expectations.

    Mevron is built to offer the most efficient on-demand transportation options. It is formed to give drivers more control over their earnings. It is designed to offer riders, businesses, and everyone else more flexibility, freedom, safety, and security along every mile. There are many ways to move, but only one way to Mevron. At Mevron, we’re committed to providing the best transportation option for individuals and businesses as well as great earning potential for our committed drivers.

  • Key Features
    • Securing the safety of our drivers
    • 24/7 responsive operations
    • Dynamic system
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack:
    • Node JS
    • Angular 8
    • PayStack
    • Firebase
    • RedS
    • Mongo DB
    • Google API, Maps
  • Screenshot
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