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Built For iOS, Android & Web | Technology PHP, Swift & Java | Industry Medical | Client Australia

  • Memory Helper Carer Assistance

    5 Star
  • Description

    Memory Helper is the fastest & smartest communication tool to empower people living with memory loss. With the best idea to provide the memory aid to the sufferers & carers, the client wanted us to develop Memory Helper app & website. This amazingly built assistive technology app for iOS & Android offers a great support to deal with forgetfulness. The app involves 4 main display modes:

    • Calendar Clock
    • Diary
    • Reminders
    • Instant Messages

    How Does Memory Helper Work?

    To streamline the communication between Care Giver & Receiver, the Memory Helper is developed to be installed easily on an iOS Apple smartphone/ iPad or an Android smartphone/tablet. A high-quality 10 inch Lenovo Tablet is a perfect choice for the care receiver to get access to the reminders & messages in the comfort of their space. This easy to set up & use app provides a convenient experience for both carer & receiver. No interaction is required from the care receiver. With a freedom to operate the app from anywhere & anytime, the care giver sends automated prompts & reminders on receiver’s tablet to let him view day to day tasks. There can be multiple receivers for one carer sharing the same information, but at a time only one carer can connect with the receivers.

    Steps to get started:

    • Simple Sign Up/ Login as Care Receiver
    • To connect with the care receiver, go to their tablet & complete 4-6 steps
    • Sign up as a new care receiver on care Receiver’s device
    • To start communication, enter care receiver’s username on giver’s device when prompted
    • Control care receiver’s device via Internet
    • Make entries for reminders, diaries & messages to help receiver view information with no other interaction

    Products Offered

    To make tablet securely sits on the specially designed stand, the user needs to buy a strong stable tablet stand online available at Memory Helper website.

    • Demo Carer Receiver Viewing Tablet
    • Care Receiver Tablet Stand
  • Key Features
    Exclusive Features
    • Easy to Setup Care Giver/ Receiver Account
    • Customize Clock View
    • Change Background Colour
    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly & Annual Events/ Reminders for Care Receiver
    • Setup Reminders using Image, Text, Sound
    • Free Trial for 7 Days
    • 1 Month Subscription
    • Notification Sounds Alert
    • Ease-to Restore Purchase
    • Send Instant Messages
    • Carer Profile Management
    • Ease-to-Add/ View Care Receiver’s Device
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack Behind Memory Helper
    • Developed for iOS, Android & Web
    • Technology used: Swift, Java & WordPress
    • Frontend Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap jQuery
    • Material designs for better UI experience
    • Analytics & Bugs reporting using Crashlytics
    • JSON Based REST API Integration
    • MySQL Database for dynamic web pages
    • WooCommerce Plugin
    • Advanced Shipping Plugin
    • Payment Gateway: PayPal
    • In-App Purchases
  • Screenshot
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