Katana Fruits

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Katana Fruits
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Katana Fruits is a web-based game developed by ChicMic. This is an incredibly interesting game is built based on an idea from a client.

In this game, the user has to cut the fruits that appear on the screen and avoid cutting bombs. To make the game more challenging the user has only 3 chances and every time user will miss a fruit his/her chance to score more will decrease and when user lost all his/her chances, the game will be over. If the user cut bomb by mistake game will be over. Combos and special fruits are appeared to make the game more interesting. Fruits have different score distribution. The user will get the combo points only when he/she cuts more than 3 friends at one strike.

Technology Stack

  • Programming Language: HTML5 , Cocos2d, JS
  • Physics Engine: Box2D
  • Game Effects: Particle2D, Animations
  • Sprite Sheet Generator: SpriteHelper
  • Feature: Image Slicing