Why wait to build hi-tech real-time employee performance app?

Built For iOS, Android | Technology React Native, Node JS | Industry Education | Project Client



A client from the US wanted to create an app to conduct real-time performance reviews & to get it developed he approached us. Grow Beyond is an instant feedback sharing app that allows the managers & employees to give & receive timely feedbacks to track their performance & development over time.

How Does Grow Beyond Work?

  • Instant Sign Up as Manager or Employee
  • If employee, select manager from the drop-down list
  • The first window will include To Do List, Received, Manager (Only For Manager)
  • To Do List: It includes the requests for feedback from employees
  • Received: It includes feedback received, with an option to Like, Award Badges & Question
  • Award one Badge out of three: Courageous Feedback, Helpful Growth Feedback, Actionable Feedback
  • Give & Get Button helps you to select an employee from a list to give & get feedback from
  • The user can ask for feedback on selected competency with a request for feedback
  • Calendar lets you schedule a feedback event for a specific date & time
  • You can choose one or more employees to get feedback from
  • A simple tap on Ask For Feedback will send a notification to the selected list to take actions on the requests added in “To Do” list.
  • Request: With an original request for feedback, this column will let you choose an employee to give feedback to. Share the context about the growth area on the requested competency.
  • Star Rating allows an employee/manager to give feedback based on stars from 1-5
  • In Glows, add what an employee did well & what he/she can do better in the future
  • Send Feedback Button will share the requested feedback with the same employee in his Received tab
  • A Manager can select an employee from the list to create team’s feedback frequency

Key Features

  • Relevant & Accurate Performance Reviews
  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Real-Time Manager/Employee Reviews
  • Insightful Analytics
  • Easy Profile Management
  • Instantly Request Feedback
  • Award Badges
  • Customized Competency List

Technology Stack

  • Developed for iOS, Android
  • Developed in React Native
  • Programming Language: JavaScript
  • Testing & Debugging: Manual testing
  • OS: iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1 & later