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  • Fun Soccer

    5 Star
  • Description

    To bring you the most exciting game with truly challenging gameplay & stunning graphics, our developers crafted Fun Soccer. With an ability to deliver an intuitive experience to the soccer lovers, the game follows targeting the goal post with your finger to determine the right area to hit the goal. With unreachable targets, the Fun Soccer is designed to challenge player’s capability to think out of the box.

    A perfect combination of puzzle & sport, the game offers dozens of surprising elements to make kids sharper & mentally active. The game allows the player to purchase the themes to fully unlock the game for more fun. Aiming to refine the core game, the developers created new skill moves, animations & smooth game controls for the real-time experience.

    How to play Fun Soccer?

    To put your critical skills to test & reinforce power, speed & agility, Fun Soccer is developed featuring colour-coded structure, fantasy artwork & engaging game levels. The completion of all 12 levels in any of the themes with more than 30 points will help you unlock the next theme. Each theme varies in terms of chances to hit the goal.

    • To get started, choose one theme from Group Selection
    • Select the level to play, if unlocked start with level 1
    • Each level in each group is full of unique challenges
    • To score a goal, the player adjusts the power & direction of the ball to shoot
  • Key Features
    Exclusive Features
    • Rapid Gameplay & Sharp Visuals
    • Challenging Themes: Lake, Farm, Barn
    • In-App Purchases to Unlock Themes
    • Ultimate 36 levels
    • Restore Purchases
    • Single Player Game
    • Casual & Arcade Game
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack
    • Developed for Android iOS
    • Technology used Cocos-2dx 2.2.6
    • Programming Language:C++, java Obj -C
    • Box-2d Physics implementation for matching real Ball Behaviour
    • Integrated with Link Sharing
    • Integrated with Chartboost, Google ads and Unity Ads
    • In-App Purchases for Ad Removal & Levels
    • IDE: XCode, Eclipse
    • Leaderboard & Achievements Integration
    • Banner, interstitial and video ads integration
    • Facebook & Intent Sharing
    • OS: Android 4.4.4 KitKat iOS 8.0
  • Screenshot
    • Fun_soccer
    • Fun_soccer
    • Fun_soccer
    • Fun_soccer
    • Fun_soccer


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