Farsi Charades

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Built For Android/ iOS | Developed in Unity 3D | Programming Language C#

Farsi Charades
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Farsi Charades

4.5 Star

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Farsi Charades
Farsi Charades(Pantomime) is a super fun game inspired by Dumb Charades that can be played in 3 languages at any given time with family and friends.
Experience Farsi Charades fun with all your family and friends! The game is can be played in 3 languages at any given time! Play one on one or break into teams to see who has the best acting abilities! The words and phrases are translated into English, Farsi, and Finglish so everybody can join in and play! Finally, a great game that caters to all Persians and their English speaking friends and family!

How to Play
Key Features
  • Translate words seamlessly between English,Farsi or Finglish!
  • Great tool for anyone wanting to learn or improve their Farsi skills.
  • Play one on one or break into teams!
  • Act, dance, sing or hum your word or phrase!
  • Localisation (Chinese, Russian, Hindi, English)
  • Flurry integration for event tracking
  • Unity Analytics
  • In App Purchase integration

Variety of Fun Categories

Technology Stack
  • Developed for iOS/Android/Windows
  • Developed in Unity 3D.
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Third Party Library: Heyzap Mediation Network.
  • Monetization: Rewarded Ads and InApp Purchases.
  • Testing & Debugging: Design: Manual Testing.
  • OS: Android, iOS
Game Mode