Dress App

Get an amazing app to create your look with the best dress matches.

Dress App
Choose your body type:

With this app you can choose your body type, skin color and can select the dress.

Different Make up sets:

Users can also upload their selfie to try different makeup sets.

Match your color:

By uploading a picture or choosing a model you can match your actual body color.

Find the right Style:

Venus dress up app helps people to choose the right style which fits on them very perfectly.

Select edit item

  • You can Edit or choose your body type.
  • Select your dress as per body type.
  • Edit your hair style as per your face.
  • You can choose the ornaments which suits on your look.
  • You can select any pair of shoes.
  • You can also upload your selfie to get the look.

Key Features

Time to go to a party in your amazing look and stunning style. You can select your body shape, change your skin tone. You can even change lipstick, eyelashes, and the shape of your eyebrow to create a stunning look.

Choose Background

With Venus dress up app, you can easily select the background of your picture or look.

Save Any Look

You also have the option to save a share any look created by you.

Choose Shoes Style

You can also select the shoe style as per your style of the dress.

Choose Body Type

You can select your body shape, change your skin tone, and choose a makeup set that complements your skin tone and eye color. 

Choose Hair Type

With our app, by taking a selfie and use your face on the model you can select the hair type and style.

Choose Dress Style

Be your own personal fashion designer with our app by taking a selfie and use your face on the model, with all those dresses options.

Technology Stack

  • Cake PHP
  • MySQL


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