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Built For Android/ iOS | Developed in Unity 3D | Programming Language C#

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Doodle pinball is a level-based arcade game inspired from the well known “Pinball” game where user manipulates the ball in a frame in order to collect diamonds and coins. These could be consumed to unlock different balls with special powers.

The game is blended with an interesting amalgamation of physics & various elements such as teleporting holes, challenging obstacles etc. to spice up the gameplay.

Doodle Pinball

Doodle Pinball

4.5 Star

Technology Stack

  • Developed for iOS/Android
  • Developed in Unity 3D.
  • Programming Language: C#
  • Testing & Debugging: Design: Manual Testing.
  • OS: Android, iOS

Key Features

  • Realistic physics and level based gameplay
  • Various challenging levels
  • 5 exotic themes
  • Special power balls to enhance the gameplay.