Dodge n Escape

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Dodge n Escape

Dodge N Escape, an arcade game is developed by Cocos2d-x developers to turn a unique game idea into reality. The game is designed featuring amazing game characters such as Hearty, Soccu, Cricky, Mr. President, Ninja, Samurai, Geek, Devil & Angel. Dodge N Escape is a fun game for all ages.This simple to play game revolves around a character who deviated from his path & crash landed on earth. To help NUNU meet his friends, tap left & right. On the way back to home, there come many obstacles like creepy cows, falling bricks & wicked bees that need to be crossed with a challenging spirit.

  • Energy Cans & PowerUps to Boost Up
  • Unlock 10 Avatars
  • Helmet for Protection
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Post Scores on FB & get rewards

In this game, you can select the character of your choice. You have different options for selection like Angel, Devil and Nunu.

  • Developed in Cocos2D-X
  • Integrated Chartboost, AdMob, Vungle, Unity Ads
  • Integrated Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK for Sharing
  • Flurry Analytics Integration
  • Integrated In-App Purchases
  • Leaderboards & Achievements


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