Design Challenge Portal

Get an amazing app where users have to complete the challenge with given description

Design Challenge Portal
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About Us

Enterprise client will give their users a challenge with start and end date. Based on their description user has to complete the given design. After the user can submit the design and they will do the submission validation of the design. Validation is based on three categories: Manual, Semi manual and automatic. Once your submission will be validated, Enterprise client will give ranking to the designs of users. Users who will complete the challenge will get XP points and badges.

Technology Stack for

  • React
  • Node
  • Mongo database
  • Redux, Saga


  • Multi-User ranking system and corresponding trend.
  • Sequencing of challenges like date based optimization.


On Profile screen there is common photo for all the users and individually users can see their name on this screen. By Clicking on leaderboard user will get to know about Xp points and trends. User will get a rank as per the earned points in lieu of completing successful challenges. In challenges section you can filter the list of challenges as per the Newest challenges, In review challenges, End date challenges and XP high to low challenges.

  • Enhance the designing skills
  • Worldwide competition
  • Different Challenges
  • Check your design's ranking Worldwide
  • Reward Points