Need to build an app for learning Python? Get developed like ‘Coding Is Good’.

Built for Android, iOS | Technology React Native | Industry Education



To bring an innovative way to the users to learn Python, the client approached us with a need to develop an amazing Python learning app. We breathed a new life into client’s idea & developed Coding Is Good. This is the most amazingly built app for all ages to boost their python learning. The app makes it easy for users to learn programming language based on real-life examples. The free interactive Python tutorial lets the player master the coding skills. The user can simply unlock the Code Pad for $4.99 to get hands-on coding experience.

How It Works?

Coding Is Good, a technology-rich app developed using React Native allows the user to run python code on their smart devices just with a tap. The app involves bite-sized interactive lessons, quirky exercises and actual situations presented in the form of programs. Those who wish to become a Python Pro can practice coding using this amazing fully-featured app. The review option with every quiz let the player guess the right answer in the second attempt.

UI design

Key Features
  • Convenient app for Adults
  • Tutorial for Python Programming
  • In-App Purchases: Code Pad
  • Certificate Sharing on Email & Facebook
  • Code-Pad Exercises
Technology Stack
  • Developed for iOS & Android
  • Programming Language: JavaScript
  • Framework: React Native
  • Backend: Redux, Realm for database
  • In-App Purchases
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code, Realm Studio
  • OS: Android 4.1 & above, iOS 10.0 or later


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