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  • Aqua Bolt

  • Description

    ChicMic is an expert game development company that designs the perfect UI for your game and ensures that clients get engaging and addictive game using Cocos2D platform. We can also port your game to multiple platforms such as iOS and Android. Our Cocos 2D game developers focus on incorporating the best features to develop games that help clients stand out from the competition. We aim at helping clients get the maximum benefits from this game development engine. Cocos 2D delivers rich gameplay and a wide variety of features. We have a team of experienced Cocos2D game developers who deliver high-quality games that entertain the users for hours.
    Aqua Bolt
    On the way back to his home planet, BUZZ collided and landed on Earth. Luckily BUZZ has found some electric octopuses. Now You need to help him collect their energy and escape.

  • Key Features
    • Facebook Sharing
    • Level and Timer Based Game
    • Supports Mobile as well as Desktop browser
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack:
    • Framework: Cocos2d-JS
    • Language: CSS, HTML, JS
    • IDE: Web storm
  • Screenshot
    • Aqua Bolt
    • Aqua Bolt
    • Aqua Bolt
    • Aqua Bolt
    • Aqua Bolt


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