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    Best 5 Games in android you must try before everyone else

    From a basic arcade game to a full fledge MMO, the mobile market is crowded with android games from various different genres.  A lot of mobile app game developer were risen in the last five years and they have been flooding the mobile game market since then with many innovative and interesting games which has been catching the attentions of users across the world.   

    Still not everyone will be willing to play every game in the market. Each and every player has his/her own favorite game genre/type, they will always try to find those particular game genre’s/types in the market. For example, MMO players will not prefer to play board games and vice versa.

    But, there would be some games which will hold the capacity to transcend the target audience and entertain everyone. Those type of games will always find their way to top of the market. Let us take a look at few good games on android play store. 

    Ludo Game:

    Ludo is based on the classic board game which we used to play in our past. It’s also one of the top trending games of play store developed by ChicMic and published by Nazara.

    Bluff Master (420) I Doubt it:

    This is based on the classic card game I doubt it/cheat carefully designed to give the same rich play experience digitally.

    Blocks Multiplayer:

    This is an arcade 3D game with simple one-touch controls featuring live multiplayer and endless gameplay.

    Fun Soccer:

    This is a level based 2D puzzle game with exciting game elements and unique goal techniques. 

    Agent Smith:

    This is an action packed adventure featuring full 3D graphics with loads of twisty spy action and puzzles.

    Anyone interested in developing a game would need to get in touch with mobile app game developer like ChicMic. Please give us a Call on (+61) 390-135-390 to discuss your unique game ideas while choosing between unity and Cocos 2D for your game. 

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