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  • UPD Print Capture

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  • Description

    We put hands on UPD Print Capture System after getting a new product idea from our client. A thought to add much to the funeral ceremony, made our client approached us to build a system with a capability of capturing finger, foot & handprint to create custom-made funeral Jewelry. The Funeral Home Fingerprint Capturing System we developed for custom jewelry supports Android devices.

    How Does it Work?

    To get started with the UPD Print Capture System by UPD Earns, the user needs to request an account first with UPD. Simply by filling up few details, the user can submit a form to get approval. The UPD Urns offers a great selection of Cremation Urns, Jewelry & Keepsakes based on Material & Themes. The development of the UPD Print Capture System is an initiative to cater to the needs of millions for custom designed memorable cremation urns.

    The idea behind building technology-rich app was to provide support to the funeral homes. To bring the cremation jewelry designs to your reach, UPD Print Capture app is developed with fast, secure & robust features.

    Futronic FS80H USB2.0 Fingerprint Scanner

    The UPD Print Capture works seamlessly with Futronic fingerprint scanning device to get the high-security optical single fingerprints. To scan & save the precise optics, Futronic’s third party device is integrated featuring:

    • Rugged & Thick Crown Glass Sensor of 14mm for Platen
    • Infrared LED Illumination for reliable scanning of all skin types
    • Compatible with ftrScanAPI Software
    • Turn On/Off Live Finger Detection to avoid risk
    • Captures a virtually undistorted finger Image at high speed of 100ms
  • Key Features
    Exclusive Features
    • Instant Real-Time Capture
    • Intuitive User Interface
    • Fingerprint Capture Mobile Tool
    • Faster & Secure Funeral Business App
  • Technology Stack
    Technology Stack
    • Developed for Android
    • Technology used Java & Android Studio
    • Integrated Futronic’s SDK for Scanning Fingerprints
    • Using Magento as Backend
    • Implicit Intent for Email and Calling
    • Retrofit for REST APIs
    • MVC used for Standard App Architecture
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